Overdose X Weld

OD1680 WELD X OVERDOSE Toyota JZX100 Chaser

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It is the appearance of a body set with graphic decals that reproduces Weld's latest demo car. 
The 100-inch reference machine which played an active part in various drift events reproduces the latest graphic as well as the renewed actual vehicle. Please enjoy the outstanding presence of unique image and race car based on metallic. Fujinami thunder god is the first demonstration car of Team Weld who formed again. It faithfully reproduces the aggressive and cool graphics of the wind god and the thunder god which makes a glare at the left and right. Both are the latest graphics unique to OVERDOSE that can not be reproduced elsewhere. Each has a dedicated sponsor decal. 
[Set contents] Clear body (with decal, masking, light bucket), 2 graphic decals, 1 logo decal