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OD1565 Adjustable aluminum upright set / OD A-Arm / Purple

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Vacula / Divall / XEX This is an adjustable aluminum upright for A-Arm. With OD's unique two-piece structure, we made it possible to adjust both kingpin angle and trail. The King Ping angle can be adjusted to 5 stages in increments of 2 degrees from 0 to 8 degrees, the trail can be adjusted to 0, 1 mm 2 mm and 3 stages. Because King Ping angle not only offset the kingpin ball but also tightly angle it, even if you change the kingpin angle, the cross spider of the drive shaft and the kingpin axis will not be displaced. This minimizes the occurrence of unnecessary judder and moment of inertia, and reduces the burden on the drive shaft. Available in three colors of purple, red, black. For axle shaft, please use OD1619 axle shaft (for Vacula A arm) which is released at the same time.