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OD1707 Aluminum bumper support & φ 6 body post set (For Yokomo / Pink)

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Aluminum bumper support set for Yokomo is appearance. We have set up aluminum bumper support of design for φ 6 mm body post & bumper standard adopted in Vacula, Divall. By increasing the size of the body post from Yokomo's standard Ø 5 mm to Ø 6 mm, the mounting rigidity of the body is greatly improved, and stable drift traveling becomes possible by firmly supporting the body for drift with a relatively heavy weight. Also, dress up your favorite machines cool, with aluminum bumper support that redesigned the design. Yokomo machine user is a must-have item to tighten both running and styling. The color is available in 7 colors: blue, purple, red, gold, silver, pink, black.