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OD2133 Adjustable Aluminum Rear Suspension Arm (Trailing Angle 5°/For Drift Package/Red)

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The suspension parts all the drift package users waited for ! Trailing angle adjustable aluminum suspension arm !!
All new trailing angle adjustable aluminum suspension arm for Drift Package. Previously only used for OD chassis but this time, we made it available for Drift Package as well. Based on OD’s original theory,rotating capability has been improved drastically, which allows the speedy drifting while keeping deep drifting angles. The arm length is adjustable by 0.5mm pitch and adjusting scale by 5mm. You can have a variety of settings emphasizing on either traction or controls, if used with the wheel off set.Comes with the Drift Package specifically designed suspension mount.
Color options are blue,purple,red,gold,silver,pink and black.
※1.Drift Package specific upright are recommended. 
※2.Must use shock adjustment blocks (OD1456, OD1429, or OD2252).
※3.Only be used for carbon chassis.
※4.The diameter of the suspension pin for the suspension mount is 3mm.