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OD2263 Machined POM Resin Shock Piston Set (For HG Shock/ φ0.5x5,φ0.5x6,φ0.6x5,φ0.6x6)

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All new multi-hole Shock Pistons for OD HG Shock! 
Introducing the Piston Set For HG Shock. The hole diameters are φ0.5 and φ0.6. Having 5-hole and 6-hole gives flexibility in damping force during high and low speed. They assist the chassis to become more grounded when used for rear shock in AWD, also creates mild handlings when used for the front shock in RWD.With those pistons, creating balanced shock settings is easier than ever. φ0.5 with 5-hole, φ0.5 with 6-hole, φ0.6 with 5-hole and φ0.6 with 6-hole, all come in 2 pieces each.5 to 10 higher viscosity index than current shock oil is recommended.