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OD2496 Adjustable aluminum rear suspension arm Type-2 (For OD / Red)

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Adjustable aluminum Rear suspension arm Type-2 appears. Conventional arm length adjustment function is set as it is to be shorter than normal (Normal + 2 ~ - 6 mm can be set with 1 mm pitch) as it is. In addition, we have made it possible to set the fixed trailing angle from three types of angles of 0, 3, and 6 °. Furthermore, by eliminating the shock adjust block, we made it possible to install it in the horizontal direction in addition to the conventional shock attachment method. This makes it possible to finely adjust the shock attachment position and also contributes to the traction up. In addition to high camber compatibility, the wheel bass adjustment range increase and plenty of functions have become. We have prepared three colors of purple, red, black. 
* In addition, when using at trailing angle 3 ° and 6 °, it is necessary to use the adjustable aluminum suspension mount Type-2 of OD 2480, OD 2481, OD 2482 on the front side of the rear.