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The Drift Package DPR chassis is the latest iteration in the Drift Package series. This is a heavily upgraded from the original Drift Package Basic chassis. Complete with a double deck graphite carbon chassis and very functional aluminum upgrades, this chassis is a new evolution in the DriftPackage series.

The Drift package DPR offers an entirely new suspension and steering design. The front end of the vehicle, which is the most important part ofdrifting, has been re-designed to adapt with the front driving style that is hugely popular amongst drift drivers now. High steering angles are alsoprovided with wide-pivot long wiper arms and aluminum upper and lower A-arms. The narrowscrub type steering blocks will provide more accurateresponses and the suspension's fine-tuning can be adjusted through the roll center and camber settings.



  • Graphite double deck chassis
  • Aluminum upper / lower A arm
  • Aluminum narrow scrub steering block
  • Aluminum steering bell crank
  • Front one-way & rear spool
  • Aluminum front shock tower
  • Aluminum sliding motor mount
  • Aluminum vehicle height adjustable oil shock
  • Drift exclusive spring
  • Aluminum center drive cup
  • Aluminum center shaft (blue anodized)
  • Aluminum lightweight spur gear holder
  • Aluminum servo mount
  • Aluminum clamp hex hub
  • Quick battery holder


Equipment required and not included:

  • Radio Gears (2ch) with Servo
  • ESC
  • Motor
  • Battery
  • Battery Charger
  • Tires
  • Wheels
  • Body