YOKOMO Wi-Fi Module for BL-ESC (BL-WM)

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YOKOMO Wi-Fi Module for BL-ESC (BL-WM) 

The BL-WM Wi-Fi module makes Yokomo's latest ESC BL - PRO4 / RS4 / SP4 series easily programable! 

Connect the BL-WM to the ESC programmer port, perform Wi-Fi connection with the smartphone, and you can rewrite the ESC with an app (IOS or Android). If the BL-WM remains connected and installed on the chassis, settings can be changed at any time as long as the motor is not rotating. Since it is a wireless connection, even while driving on a circuit, use pit lane and rewrite the setting directly from the control panel. It also has a telemetry function to check live current / voltage value and motor revolutions for the user to monitor the driving situation on the course side. Run data is stored as a log, and it can be reviewed later as reference or a basis for better tuning. 

Corresponding ESC: BL - PRO4 (N / B), BL - RS4, BL - SP4 
Case size: 25 × 25 × 9 mm 
Weight: Approx 7 g 

* Wi-Fi connection may be interrupted depending on usage environment. Please note. 
* In the case of race etc., it may be prohibited to install the Wi-fi module while driving, in order to prevent program change after vehicle inspection.